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While you’re busy thinking about where you might like to go this summer season, chances are the place you ultimately end up will likely have a pool or at least one nearby. With that in mind, The Miami Herald recently published a lengthy, deeply engrossing article centered around hotel pools in Miami and their history.

Miami’s history with pools saw its popularity increase largely during one of the country’s darkest periods: the Great Depression. The historic Biltmore Hotel (which still stands today in Coral Gables) had a pool that was believed to be the largest of its kind anywhere in the world at the time. Thousands of people would come together at the pool to watch acts such as synchronized swimming, high dives, and even alligator wrestling.

Fast forward to the 1930s when the Surf Club arrived. It soon became the go-to hotspot as legendary celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor became notable guests. The pool would go on to host fashion shows by acclaimed names like Elizabeth Arden.

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