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Per some recent research, about a quarter of Americans are planning on heading off to a vacation as early as this month or next month. The study evaluated over 1,500 Americans regarding their plans for travel in the age of COVID-19 and what it would entail for them to feel at ease in traveling again. Close to eighty percent of respondents stated they are already making plans.

Along with this desire to travel, just over seventy percent of respondents said that as a result of the lockdown, they have experienced an increased desire to strengthen their relationships with their extended loved ones and visit them. Over sixty percent said they intend to make up for lost time wherever they choose to vacation during the remainder of 2020. A number of respondents also said their travel plans will include multiple locations versus a single extended vacation.

Multiple vacations may be the cure for the cabin fever blues as more than forty percent of respondents in the survey agreed that a vacation was vital to their well-being.

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