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In case you’ve missed the news, here’s a heads up: Miami-Dade County will soon be re-limiting access to vacation rentals, restaurants, and other indoor venues as a result of the spike in COVID-19 cases. According to the source, the changes may be spurred by the number of young people gathering at places without wearing masks or taking measures to practice social distancing. Although younger people are better able to fight the illness compared to other individuals, younger individuals can still spread the disease to others regardless of age.

With the changes, Miami-Dade County restaurants will be required to go back to operating under different circumstances. Although dine-in will not be available, customers can still request delivery or takeout. Previously, restaurants were being allowed to welcome dine-in customers while maintaining fifty percent capacity and taking measures to ensure social distancing.

As a reminder, we have been using our years of experience of working with rentals to assist however we can during the pandemic. If you visit the COVID-19 Housing Specialist page, you can contact us and we’ll help people such as first responders or those that have been displaced in finding housing.

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This update is by SoFLA Vacations. We are a South Florida vacation rentals company and we have lived the unique South Florida experience our entire lives. Our commitment is to make your vacation or business trip to Greater Miami or the Florida Keys special, affordable, and unforgettable. In addition to vacation rentals, we also offer property management, sales, and marketing services to vacation rental property owners. For more information on South Florida vacation rental properties including Downtown Miami vacation rentals, please call 786-545-2204.

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