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At SoFLA Vacations, we’re using our extensive vacation rentals background and rising to the challenge of being a COVID-19 Housing Specialist during these unprecedented times. We are now dedicating ourselves to finding property rentals and helping professionals and those deemed “Essential Lodgers”.

Essential Lodgers include many of the professionals that are risking their health to help others. These include first responders, health care professionals, law enforcement officers, and more. However, victims of domestic violence, hotel employees, displaced residents and visitors are also exceptions to the ban along with the following:

  • National Guard
  • State or federal government employees
  • Airline crew
  • Patients and their families 
  • Journalists
  • People unable to return home because of the COVID-19 travel bans
  • People who must vacate their homes due to disasters such as fire
  • People using hotels as transitional living arrangements
  • Service providers and contractors
  • Individuals that cannot stay in their homes

We are here to help! If you are among the people mentioned above or you want to know if you are eligible for housing assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

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