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Following months spent indoors at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s clear that many people are itching to get back out there and take a holiday. This is reasonably so. It can take a tremendous toll on one’s mental health and well-being to remain isolated for extended periods. However, if you feel uncomfortable traveling far from home for a travel experience, it may be a step in the right direction to keep it domestic. As you book and schedule your travel, let’s take a look at a few things to remember to help ensure you have a safe and healthy experience.

Everyone has a standard of cleaning. Consider choosing a place where there won’t be someone besides you or your party coming and going. You may wish to bring some disinfecting wipes and other supplies so you can clean and feel a little safer, even if the place has its own protocols in place.

Instead of something like a hotel, consider something like a beach house where you can be away from the crowds and therefore, less exposed. You can also do activities such as taking an easy stroll along the beach.

This update is by SoFLA Vacations. We are a South Florida vacation rentals company and we have lived the unique South Florida experience our entire lives. Our commitment is to make your vacation or business trip to Greater Miami or the Florida Keys special, affordable, and unforgettable. In addition to vacation rentals, we also offer property management, sales, and marketing services to vacation rental property owners. For more information on South Florida vacation rental properties including Downtown Miami vacation rentals , please call 786-545-2204.

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