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You may be eager to know that Disney World Resort has been reopened. Located in Orlando, Florida, and hosting several attraction parks, it is one of Florida’s most visited locations.

Though the parks and attractions are always changing and bringing new and exciting features, this time around the Orlando theme parks may be a little different than when you last visited.

In regards to COVID-19 some new rules and regulations have been implemented to benefit the health and well-being of visitors.

Every location throughout Disney Resort, including parks and restaurants, is strictly enforcing each guest wears a mask. The mask must be hooked behind the ears, bandanas or any other form of facial covering will not be considered a mask. Those who are in the pool and actively eating do not require a mask.

It is suggested guests bring their own hand sanitizer to the parks but you should know before attending any ride you will be dispensed sanitizer from staff members. Hand sanitizer dispensers are also available to the public throughout all parks.

The modified experience may leave people uncertain about visiting Disney World. It is safe to say that sanitary rules are strictly enforced and followed by staff members. Though some hotels and restaurants remain close there are still plenty of options and attractions to take part in.

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