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4 Best Places to Get Your Art Fix While on Your Next Miami Vacation

Miami may be known for its beaches and nightlife, but with so much culture and affluence, the art scene is thriving. Whether you’re in the streets of Wynwood, the shores of Biscayne Bay or historic yet youthful Coconut Grove, good art is around every corner. Make the most of your Miami Vacation with SoFLA Vacations by indulging in this rich art scene.

Opened in 1984, the Perez Art Museum is a treasure trove of contemporary works from the 20th and 21st centuries. Located on beautiful Biscayne Bay, the views inside and outside of the Perez Art Museum are stunning. Just outside the museum is an interactive sculpture garden, the perfect place to snap your Instagram photos while vacationing in Miami. Perez Art Museum also features art talks and studio features, a great opportunity to connect with the artist.

Not far from the Perez Art Museum in Miami’s Design District is Markowicz Fine Art. With works from artists like Andy Warhol, Carole A. Feuerman and Banksy, come observe mastery of the contemporary field. Open since 2010, Markowicz Fine Art now has 3 locations nationwide in Miami, Dallas and Laguna Beach, that feature work from local artists and icons alike.

Now it’s time to get on the street and see the core of Miami art culture, at Wynwood Walls. Founded in 2009 by Tony Goldman of Goldman Properties, Wynwood Walls is an art installation that has quickly become one of the most famous art exhibits in the country. A series of walls hold breathtaking and profound murals from artists like Obey, Kenny Scharf and Futura, and are regularly replaced so that each time you visit you will experience new works.

Maybe you’re familiar with popular contemporary artists and the work that every gallery tries to emulate? If you’re ready for a new experience, longing to see what the best local artists of Miami hold, LnS Gallery is beckoning. Opened in 2017, this progressive contemporary art gallery is located in the lively and beautiful clutches of Coconut Grove. The focus of LnS Gallery is on multiculturalism and inclusivity, it is sure to inspire.

3 Best Miami Tours For Your Next Vacation

Miami Tours from the air overlooking South Beach

Discover Miami’s hidden gem and take your next vacation in Coconut Grove! A lot has changed since its founding in 1825, but some of its history remains. From the Barnacle, Coconut Grove’s oldest standing house, to the lavish Vizcaya Gardens and Museum, Coconut Grove is full of secrets waiting to be discovered. Today the Grove is a vibrant center for art, food and entertainment.

Tap Tap Tours

Tap Tap Tours offers a walking tour that showcases all that the Grove has to offer! Murals, architecture and breathtaking Biscayne Bay will be on full display. Tours are 90 minutes and take place Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, starting at 10 am every two hours until the last tour at 4 pm. Private Miami tours available as well.

Sailing On Biscayne Bay

Have you ever wanted to have your own tropical island? Well now you can have the next best thing, a tour of one by sailboat! Sailing on Biscayne Bay offers 2 hour to full day tours featuring snorkeling and paddle boarding that start at 10 am and continue throughout the day. Sunset tours are also available, starting between 3 and 4 pm. Photos and refreshments included, longer tours include food as well. Make sure to also inquire about their full moon tours!

Heli Air Miami Helicopter Tours

You’ve walked it, you’ve sailed it, now fly it! Heli Air Miami Helicopter Tours offer a unique glimpse of Miami and more! On your tour you will see South Beach, celebrity homes on Star Island and get an up close look at the Miami skyline. Seeing Miami from the air is a great way to scout your next adventure. Heli Air Miami offers 30-35 minute Miami Mega and Sunset Mega Tours, as well as a 1 hour South Florida Special Tour. Keep an eye out for Sharks, Dolphins and Manatees!

Book your Miami vacation rental today and get a glimpse of all Miami has to offer with these spectacular tours!

Make Your Airline Travel to Miami Better With These 4 Tips

For some, airports start all the excitement a vacation has to offer, taking in the business and waiting in anticipation at the gate to board their flight and officially begin vacation mode. For others, the airport is the worst part of traveling. In-flight issues, late flights, and crowded gates are enough to cause the dreaded vacation travel stress. Whether you are an experienced traveler or have never stepped foot on an airplane, these four travel tips will help make your experience much more enjoyable when heading to South Florida Vacation Rentals

The most important travel tip is to check into your flight well ahead of time. This will save you a lot of time at the airport – so much so you may not have to arrive as early. Many airlines, like Southwest and American Airlines, will allow you to check in on your phone 24 hours before the flight. If you have bags, be sure to get there in plenty of time to check them in. Most airlines will only let you board 45 minutes before the flight, so do everything you can to save time. 

Keep essentials in your carry-on (but don’t pack liquids over the 3.4 ounce limit). Pack toiletries in the appropriate sizes, sunglasses, makeup, chargers, and a change of clothes in your carry-on. You will need it if your bags get lost, delayed, or mixed up on a different flight (it doesn’t happen often, but it has happened before!) 

Prone to motion sickness? The middle of the plane is your best chance of beating it. Planes move like a see-saw, so the middle has the least amount of motion. You’ll be ready to relax at our Miami vacation rentals the second you get off the plane!

Check the airport monitors for your flight information. Smartphone apps are a great way to stay updated, but the airport monitors update much faster, and if your flight is delayed or canceled, you’ll be the first to know. You can also check which gate your flight is boarding from, which can change for many reasons. When you get to the airport, check the monitors to see the most updated information. 

With these tips, your next airport adventure is sure to run much smoother. 

Visiting Miami Soon? Here’s Where You Need to Go

Summer is for beach weather in Miami, but fall is when the social season kicks off. There’s a ton of fun and exciting things to do in Miami this September from museums to holiday events. Clear your vacation itineraries to make way for some of these events when staying at one of our South Florida vacation rentals

On September 15, from 7 pm to 9 pm, head over to Time Out Market for Succulents & Sips. Plant gurus La Succulenta, along with Time Out Market, are hosting a night of do-it-yourself succulents accompanied with craft cocktails. You can learn how to make your succulent arrangements in upcycled pots. Tickets are $35 and cover the cost of crafting kits and succulents. 

Ready for Halloween? The Museum of Illusions is hosting the Haunted Circus Festival from September 17 to October 31 in Ludlam/Tropical Park. Circus includes a traveling sideshow and carnival, along with an “unsolvable mystery” that the audience gets to try to solve (hint: a star goes missing). If you solve the mystery, you get a “creepy souvenir.” 

On September 18, close to our Miami vacation rentals, the Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day will be hosted at multiple cultural institutions throughout South Florida. Entry is free to many attractions, and tickers are available online on the Smithsonian Magazine website.

From now until September 19, enjoy the Frost Art Museum FIU’s exhibit in Coconut Grove. The event/exhibit celebrates the history of Coconut Grove, including dozens of photographs that paint the picture of the thriving artistic community like the Miami Black Art Workshop in the historic Bahamian Coconut Grove of the 60s and the King Mango Strut Parade.

Understanding Tide Conditions in South Florida

The water is beautiful here in South Florida and is home to many fun activities that drive tourism. However, before you go out for a swim or boating trip, you’ll want to understand the way the water behaves. Pay close attention to the wave, tide, and current conditions when swimming during your South Florida vacation rental stay.

Waves are made by the wind blowing on the ocean surface, and they travel at all different directions and speeds. They can come from far out or be formed near the surface. If the water is choppy on a particular day and there is a lot of wind, you may want to avoid venturing too far out into the water. Never venture out if there is a storm on the horizon. 

Tides are the rises and falls of water levels on the coast. They are formed by an imbalance in the solar system between gravitational forces and centrifugal forces. Essentially, this means that the moon and sun control them and how the earth moves through space. There are two high tides, then two low tides, every 24 hours and every 50 minutes. During high tide, the water gets closer to the shore, making it deeper. When it is low, the opposite happens. 

Also, be aware of rip currents and rip tides. They often get confused for one another but are quite different. Riptides are fast, dangerous, and typically found in smaller coastal spaces like bays and can form when a falling tide flows through an inlet. A rip current is a strong narrow channel of water that moves away from the shore and can appear on any beach with breaking waves. 

Swimming is a must when staying at a Miami vacation rental, just make sure you check out the water conditions before heading to the water. You can check out the water forecast through the National Weather Service. 

Snorkeling in South Florida

Snorkeling is one of South Florida’s most popular summertime activities. It allows you views of the reefs and ocean wildlife you just can’t get anywhere else. Plus, it’s family-friendly, and people of all ages can have a blast while staying in South Florida vacation rentals

Florida has the longest barrier reef system in the entire world and a 360-mile coral reef that stretches from the Florida Keys to Florida’s east coast in St. Lucie, known as the Florida Reef Tract. It’s even bigger than the great barrier reef in Australia! All of this makes it an unforgettable experience you need to have when vacationing in South Florida. 

Though fun and adventurous, snorkeling can be hazardous if not done correctly. Make sure everyone participating can swim and is familiar with the water or has an instructor close by before diving into the water. Never go out in the rain! Florida is no stranger to hurricanes and other tropical, inclement weather, so check the forecast before heading out. There will be plenty of warnings if a hurricane is on its way, but even a slight rain shower, coupled with wind, can make snorkeling a bit more dangerous. 

Another thing to consider is checking out the water conditions before you swim. Oceans are vast and beautiful, full of unique marine life but also unique tidal patterns. Make sure wave patterns, currents, and water temperatures are suitable for swimming and snorkeling. 

Once you’ve considered all of this, you are ready to head out! Of course, if you’re snorkeling with an instructor near Miami vacation rentals, they will be able to help you determine the proper conditions to snorkel in, but it never hurts to be knowledgeable. 

When snorkeling in South Florida, you’ll be able to see numerous types of fish, turtles, sharks, crabs, lobsters, and so much more!

Where to Celebrate the 4th of July in South Florida

Travel for the Fourth of July holiday weekend is expected to reach a record number this year. If you chose to vacation in South Florida for Independence Day, you made a great choice. There are plenty of opportunities for fun for families, friend groups, and solo vacationers alike.

There are many places and events still canceled for protection against COVID, but it’s safe to say there will be more open this year than in 2020. If you’ve booked your stay with us in a South Florida vacation rental, check out these events.

The Key Lime Festival will be held July 1 through 5, paying tribute to limes, which inspired the Florida Keys’ signature dessert, key lime pie. Enjoy the World Key Lime Pie Eating Championship at 12:30 pm on Sunday the 4th. The event is free for onlookers, and $20 for contestants.

In Key Largo, check out the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce’s July 4 parade at 10 am. This year’s theme is “Celebrating Freedom,” followed by a fireworks display.

If you are staying in one of our Miami Vacation Rentals, check out the Fire on the Fourth in Miami Beach. The North Beach Bandshell plans on transforming into a roller disco with performances from numerous bands and DJs. The event starts at noon on July 4 and lasts until roughly 9 pm, when the fireworks will begin.


In Coral Gables, visit the Fourth of July at Fairchild Garden, where families can enjoy many activities like a parade, face painting, and a kid’s popsicle party. Don’t forget to check out local BBQ from Glasshouse Cafe! Tickets ($24.95 for adults, $17.95 for seniors, $15.95 for students with valid ID, $11.95 for children, and free for children under 5) will give access to the garden, including the current display, Jurassic Garden.

Upcoming New World Symphony Events

Last month, the New World Symphony announced its 2021-2022 season, which will include a mobile wall that will project live concerts throughout Miami. The 9-by-16-foot installation is a first for the symphony and will feature a high-tech sound system that will be unveiled with the season kicks off in September. If you’re in town for Miami vacation rentals, definitely check this out!

Neighborhoods are yet to be announced, but New World Symphony has been a city favorite among locals for years – in the past, they used Wallcast and allowed patrons inside the New World Center home.

New World Symphony president Howard Herring commented on the new season, “This continues our vision of sharing classical music with as many people as possible… It’s instant community building.” The concert usually draws in around 2,000 people, but after COVID called for a mobile experience, it became popular for its socially distanced, outdoor gathering style.

The symphony originally started on small screens at the Lincoln Center, then moved to the 17th street location that is now the New World Center in 2011. At first, the concert remained a hidden gem, but as Miami locals began to take notice, the crowds became so large that the lawn in front was barely visible.

The live concert season will begin in September, and they will reassess by the end of the summer capacity limits as COVID-19 allows. Wallcast concerts are free for the public, and currently, all guests must wear a mask and practice social distancing.

If you’re in need of South Florida vacation rentals, visit us online to book your stay with us!

Hotel Arya is Waiting to be Your Next Vacation Spot

SoFLA: Better Price. Better Service.

Planning your next vacation? South Florida is a popular destination, and for many good reasons. It’s hard to find something we don’t love about it. Miami is home to world-class cuisine, beautiful beaches, parks and reserves for nature lovers, and city sights for those who love architecture. It’s a place where anyone who loves the sun and sand can find something to enjoy!

South Florida vacation rentals in Coconut Grove, Miami are among some of the best places to stay during your vacation, especially Hotel Arya. Hotel Arya sits in the heart of Coconut Grove and features deluxe rooms, studios, and 1, 2, and 3 bedroom condos that can accommodate any group.

Coconut Grove is a trendy, artsy community located on the Biscayne Bay, which rooms in Miami Vacation Rentals have amazing views of, right in the middle of Miami. It remains an area where people can escape the bustle of city life but enjoy all the fun Miami has to offer. It’s the city’s oldest continuously inhabited area.

The neighborhood, or the Grove as locals call it, was founded in 1873 by artists, pioneers, intellectuals, and adventurers who all left their own flair on its culture. Coconut Grove was officially incorporated as Coconut Grove Village in 1919. On the Westside, you’ll find the historical landmarks of Bahamian descendants who came in the late 1880s as laborers of the Peacock Inn – the first hotel on the South Florida Mainland. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, another beloved historic landmark, is one of the most visited historical sites in the area.

After touring the history of Coconut Grove, you can hang out at local boutiques, cafes, art galleries, and of course, water fun like sailboats, fishing, and beach days!

How the Florida Keys Got Their Names

You’ve probably heard hundreds of stories of how the Florida Keys were named. While some are fiction and hearsay, some of them are the real story!

One of those real stories…does the name Charles Brookfield ring a bell? Brookfield, a Philadelphia native, first arrived in Miami at the age of 21 and began a life for himself in South Florida and the Florida Keys. In 1926, he built a boat made to navigate the reefs, shoals, and seagrass shallows and named it Manatee. In 1927, the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey hired Brookfield and his boat to help survey parts of South Florida. As it turns out, that trip was when Brookfield helped name the Bob Allen, Bottlepoint, Bradley, Calusa, and Manatee keys.

While those names may sound a bit random, they each have significance. Bob Allen was named after a man who saved the whooping cranes from extinction, which was no easy task. He had to spend lots of time in the keys, and one island where he helped roseate spoonbills was shaped like a bottle, giving Bottlepoint its name.

Bradley Key is an homage to Guy Bradley, a wildlife officer who helped protect the keys against plume hunting. Calusa was named in honor of the Calusa people native to South Florida. The Manatee Keys were named after Brookfield’s famous boat.

This is just the history of a few of South Florida’s famous keys. The Florida Keys continue to be a popular vacation destination, especially with South Florida vacation rentals. The rich and interesting history paired with the country’s most beautiful weather and beaches makes Florida the perfect vacation spot for the summer. If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation spot or Miami vacation rentals, visit us online!