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While movie theaters remain closed for obvious reasons, Miami has gotten creative with screening films and offering people a way to have some fun. Hard Rock Stadium, for example, has seen increased activity ever since it reinvented itself as something of a massive drive-in movie theater. It may soon be one-upped however with the introduction of a “float-in”.

Indeed, a production company going by the name of Beyond Cinema will debut its Floating Cinema in Miami. Instead of a traditional automobile, moviegoers will sit in a series of mini boats capable of accommodating up to eight people Hence, tickets will be sold per boat versus the typical practice of going to the movies and paying a movie ticket per person.

With seating for eight, you may be understandably concerned about the lack of social distancing. Since the Floating Cinema is not expected to make its debut until September 9, the hopes are that things will be different by then. However, you are highly encouraged to proceed with caution.

Floating Cinema will stick around until September 13 and is expected to screen classic films as well as new releases. Moviegoers will receive a complimentary popcorn and they can also purchase drinks and snacks.

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