3 Mistakes to Avoid When Visiting Miami

If you’re planning on visiting Miami, chances are you have an itinerary jam-packed with beach days, nights out on Miami’s nightlife scene, and time well spent at some of the best restaurants in the nation. Many people are ready for the fun when booking a Miami vacation rental, but there are a few things you should avoid so that your vacation goes smoothly (because who wants to be stressed on their time off?)

Don’t take a cheaper flight into Fort Lauderdale. You might be saving a few dollars, but time is something you will be wasting. The Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport is located just 30 minutes from Downtown Miami. That’s pretty standard for airport distance from most downtown locations, but after considering the traffic and expensive taxi or Uber rides, you will likely end up spending the same amount of money you saved avoiding the Miami International Airport and double the time spent. 

Everyone wants to see the beaches in Miami, but don’t miss the many other things to do, like seeing the city’s art. Miami has plenty of museums and parks that feature the architectural, artistic, and cultural history of the 20th century. 

While you’re staying at a South Florida vacation rental, you’re going to want to eat. There are a million options across Miami, but make sure you make time for some of the Latin, Haitian, and Caribbean food. Miami is quite diverse, with chefs who bring the flavors of their home country to life through their dishes at restaurants that are likely within walking distance to you. You’ll be hard-pressed to find food quite like it anywhere else in the country.