Incorporated the same year as neighboring University of Miami saw its’ first freshman class in 1926, the City of South Miami today sits at the epicenter of the thriving Miami metropolis.    The “Town of South Miami”, as it was originally coined, today consists of 12,000 residents with a quaint downtown area and lush parks and open spaces.  South Miami’s historic downtown district’s street level shops feature spectacular restaurants, lively taverns, unique stores, stylish salons, and trendy boutiques.

With a Metrorail Station in the downtown area, South Miami also offers great mass transportation options for easy visits to other areas of Greater Miami.  Want to experience art?  Walk the city’s newly created Colombian Sculpture Garden at Dante Fascell Park for a breathtaking experience while taking in the parks great landscape….and maybe you’ll even run into an exotic bird or two like the many peacocks and parrots you will ultimately see when visiting.   Quaint, lively Downtown, great green spaces, fabulous public art, and much more is there your enjoyment while visiting South Miami.