A Vacation May Do Wonders

A holiday vacation is highly beneficial in helping the body and mind take a load off and relax. Might it be the solution to marriage difficulties as well? An article in the South Florida Reporter from last year seems to indicate that this may be the case. Nearly three in five Americans said that taking a holiday rescued their relationship.

A survey of over1,900 participants paid close attention to travel patterns and it was found that more than half of respondents had more intimate encounters with their partner during the holiday compared to when they were living their everyday lives, after analyzing the results. In comparison, there were a larger number of compliments and upscale meal dates given and received.

Marriage proposals tend to be popular during holidays, and more than forty percent of respondents said they wished their spouse would propose during the holiday. A South Florida holiday rental could be a great experience for you and your partner with spring and summer quickly approaching. We can connect you to some invitingly relaxing places throughout South Florida.

To read more regarding the poll, please visit https://southfloridareporter.com/over-60-of-us-say-a-romantic-vacation-saved-our-relationship-video/.

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