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Upcoming New World Symphony Events

Last month, the New World Symphony announced its 2021-2022 season, which will include a mobile wall that will project live concerts throughout Miami. The 9-by-16-foot installation is a first for the symphony and will feature a high-tech sound system that will be unveiled with the season kicks off in September. If you’re in town for Miami vacation rentals, definitely check this out!

Neighborhoods are yet to be announced, but New World Symphony has been a city favorite among locals for years – in the past, they used Wallcast and allowed patrons inside the New World Center home.

New World Symphony president Howard Herring commented on the new season, “This continues our vision of sharing classical music with as many people as possible… It’s instant community building.” The concert usually draws in around 2,000 people, but after COVID called for a mobile experience, it became popular for its socially distanced, outdoor gathering style.

The symphony originally started on small screens at the Lincoln Center, then moved to the 17th street location that is now the New World Center in 2011. At first, the concert remained a hidden gem, but as Miami locals began to take notice, the crowds became so large that the lawn in front was barely visible.

The live concert season will begin in September, and they will reassess by the end of the summer capacity limits as COVID-19 allows. Wallcast concerts are free for the public, and currently, all guests must wear a mask and practice social distancing.

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Hotel Arya is Waiting to be Your Next Vacation Spot

SoFLA: Better Price. Better Service.

Planning your next vacation? South Florida is a popular destination, and for many good reasons. It’s hard to find something we don’t love about it. Miami is home to world-class cuisine, beautiful beaches, parks and reserves for nature lovers, and city sights for those who love architecture. It’s a place where anyone who loves the sun and sand can find something to enjoy!

South Florida vacation rentals in Coconut Grove, Miami are among some of the best places to stay during your vacation, especially Hotel Arya. Hotel Arya sits in the heart of Coconut Grove and features deluxe rooms, studios, and 1, 2, and 3 bedroom condos that can accommodate any group.

Coconut Grove is a trendy, artsy community located on the Biscayne Bay, which rooms in Miami Vacation Rentals have amazing views of, right in the middle of Miami. It remains an area where people can escape the bustle of city life but enjoy all the fun Miami has to offer. It’s the city’s oldest continuously inhabited area.

The neighborhood, or the Grove as locals call it, was founded in 1873 by artists, pioneers, intellectuals, and adventurers who all left their own flair on its culture. Coconut Grove was officially incorporated as Coconut Grove Village in 1919. On the Westside, you’ll find the historical landmarks of Bahamian descendants who came in the late 1880s as laborers of the Peacock Inn – the first hotel on the South Florida Mainland. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, another beloved historic landmark, is one of the most visited historical sites in the area.

After touring the history of Coconut Grove, you can hang out at local boutiques, cafes, art galleries, and of course, water fun like sailboats, fishing, and beach days!

How the Florida Keys Got Their Names

You’ve probably heard hundreds of stories of how the Florida Keys were named. While some are fiction and hearsay, some of them are the real story!

One of those real stories…does the name Charles Brookfield ring a bell? Brookfield, a Philadelphia native, first arrived in Miami at the age of 21 and began a life for himself in South Florida and the Florida Keys. In 1926, he built a boat made to navigate the reefs, shoals, and seagrass shallows and named it Manatee. In 1927, the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey hired Brookfield and his boat to help survey parts of South Florida. As it turns out, that trip was when Brookfield helped name the Bob Allen, Bottlepoint, Bradley, Calusa, and Manatee keys.

While those names may sound a bit random, they each have significance. Bob Allen was named after a man who saved the whooping cranes from extinction, which was no easy task. He had to spend lots of time in the keys, and one island where he helped roseate spoonbills was shaped like a bottle, giving Bottlepoint its name.

Bradley Key is an homage to Guy Bradley, a wildlife officer who helped protect the keys against plume hunting. Calusa was named in honor of the Calusa people native to South Florida. The Manatee Keys were named after Brookfield’s famous boat.

This is just the history of a few of South Florida’s famous keys. The Florida Keys continue to be a popular vacation destination, especially with South Florida vacation rentals. The rich and interesting history paired with the country’s most beautiful weather and beaches makes Florida the perfect vacation spot for the summer. If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation spot or Miami vacation rentals, visit us online!

Florida Cities Make List of Top Vacation Spots

It’ll probably come as no surprise to Sunshine State residents and South Florida locals that 3 Florida cities have made the list of the top 5 most desired vacation spots in the world, beating out cities like Las Vegas, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

According to Trip Advisor, a new report showing where Americans plan on traveling in 2021, Orlando (number 3), Key West (number 4), and Miami Beach (number 5) all made the top 5 list, among Cancun, Mexico, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

In Orlando, surprisingly, Disney World wasn’t the most sought-after experience. The SEA LIFE Orlando aquarium made its mark as the most booked experience, and the La Luce, an Italian restaurant, is Orlando’s highest-rated restaurant.

In Key West, the Key West Sunset Sail with Full Bar, Live Music & Hors D’oeuvres, which offers a catamaran sailing cruise at sunset, was the most booked experience. Its highest-rated restaurant was the Seaside Cafe at the Mansion, a Pizza cafe and bar located next to the water.

Miami Beach’s most booked experience was the City Half-day Tour of Miami by Bus with Sightseeing Cruise, giving tourists the highlights of Miami by bus. Il Pastaiolo, an Italian restaurant focusing on Neapolitan cuisine, made the list as Miami Beach’s top-rated dining option.

Tourism seems to be making a comeback to South Florida. If South Florida is on your list of places to go, check out our South Florida vacation rentals. There are many things to do and see in Miami, including our Miami vacation rentals, fine restaurant and bars, and parks, with culture and history-rich city sights.