Check Out These Florida Beaches

If the recent temperatures have been any indication, beach season has largely marked its arrival. With spring break looming on the horizon and warm weather predicted for the next few months, we figured now would be a nice time to share some notable beaches in “The Sunshine State” of Florida worth visiting as you explore South Florida vacation rentals. Plus, relaxing with a beach towel provides a great way to social distance and soak in some vitamin D.

We’ll begin with Delray Beach. It is one of the few cities in the United States with a downtown found directly on the water, giving visitors the best of all worlds: gorgeous beaches and the cerulean Atlantic Avenue, which has an almost infinite number of places to shop, dine, and drink. Every year, more than three million people head to the beach, yet Delray doesn’t succumb to the common overcrowdedness found at other beaches. Delray Municipal Beach is mere miles to the east of I-95 and it remains a highly accessible experience.

Just two hours or so north of Miami is Sebastian Inlet State Park, comprising more than three miles and spanning thousands of acres. It’s gained a reputation for being a surfing and fishing hotspot, attracting people from all around the world looking for big waves and a big catch. Whether you prefer to sunbathe, snorkel, swim, or even go beachcombing, there is something for everyone here. Best of all, there is even camping available so that you’re never too far from the ocean.

Sanibel Beach is northwest of Miami and is known for being one of the top places in the country for shelling. Its location means you’ll feel like you’re in an isolated area soaking in the sunshine.

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