Exploring South Florida in 2021

You’ve agreed you’re going to visit Miami in 2021 with a much-needed break, but in terms of what to do, you’re at a loss of what to do or what places to visit. The beaches are a must-visit, but The Magic City has far more to relish than just South Beach’s everlasting charm.

Feeling pretty adventurous? The Everglades, with a lush landscape begging to be appreciated, is a big highlight in South Florida. You may find an airboat tour available on services like Groupon where you can spot an alligator sunbathing on the water, a common sight in the massive Everglades.

When is the last time you truly admired Miami Beach’s Art Deco architecture? For several decades, this iconic style has become synonymous with the barrier island and is worth checking out to get a peek into South Florida’s rich, innovative history.

If you’re thinking about a 2021 South Florida vacation, please get in touch with us and we can find you some of the best places to see and experience the region.

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