Florida’s Elevated Tourism Experiences

People are gradually looking forward to the day that they will fly again after being trapped at home for more than a year. They try to make the most of their holidays by including exceptional adventures that are often part of people’s bucket lists. Maybe that means going to the pool or swimming with sea dwellers. Or paddling seas that shimmer spontaneously at night due to the existence of such microorganisms.

Florida had a decade of record-breaking tourism previous to the COVID-19 pandemic, with more than 100 million visitors per year from 2015 to 2019, and not all of them were seeking theme park thrills. Because of Florida’s natural setting and tourism-rich climate, it is home to a diverse range of destinations where tourists can partake in one-of-a-kind activities. Florida is turning into a hotbed for a new travel movement regarded as “experiential tourism,” which encourages tourists to check out exclusive and/or adventurous opportunities for a more enjoyable Sunshine State holiday. With so many South Florida vacation rentals available, options are virtually boundless.

The omnipresence of social media and how people utilize it to share their exciting travel experiences has changed the way travel and tourism businesses advertise themselves and what they have to sell. Tourists use photo-sharing applications like Instagram to catch unforgettable memories from their journeys. Travel is becoming not so much the journey and more about the journey’s narrative.

Beaches, diving, and kayaking account for a large portion of Florida’s tourism. All of these items are adventures in and of themselves, but they’re still very photogenic and shareable on social media. Kayak tours, though, are not for everyone.

Others, on the other hand, enjoy louder adventures with a greater degree of thrill. Traveling through wetlands and swamps may entail a trip on an airboat, which are fast and noisy vessels that transport passengers through natural Florida environments with few signs of growth.