The Perfect Night Out In South Miami

To have the perfect night out, one thing must be true, by the end of it you wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.

While staying at the Sunset Inn in South Miami, the perfect night out is right around the corner. Not only will you enjoy a comfortable and quiet stay, but you will also have access to tons of boutique shops and the beautiful, historic downtown area. With wonderful restaurants, bars, ice cream shops and movies, your options are endless.

First stop: Dinner is an obvious first stop for your night out, nobody wants to be hangry while trying to enjoy themselves. And while on vacation it’s always nice to try the local food, after eating the same meal prepped food everyday it’s time to give your taste buds a vacation too. While in Miami it’s a requirement to have authentic Cuban food, and adjacent to Sunset Inn is the exquisite Casa Cuba. Featuring indoor and outdoor dining, Casa Cuba is a full-service Cuban restaurant with breakfast, lunch, dinner and even pastries! My personal favorite is the ropa vieja with black beans and rice, and of course maduros.

Second stop: After dinner, dessert is in order. Casa Cuba features delicious Cuban desserts, but if you’re feeling like getting a good old fashioned ice cream cone look no further than Whip’n Dip Ice Cream Shop. There’s nothing like a rich and creamy ice cream cone to put your hunger to rest and with warm weather year-round it’s always a good choice.

Last stop: AMC Sunset Place 24 theaters is a perfect place to end the night, a good movie in a historic building will be the cherry on top. Go see the newest releases only a short walk from your hotel. Or if the night is young…Bougainvillea’s Old Florida Tavern is a rustic dive bar with tons of selection, great specials and live music. Come meet your new best friends (for the week) and get a feel for being a South Miami local.