Snorkeling in South Florida

Snorkeling is one of South Florida’s most popular summertime activities. It allows you views of the reefs and ocean wildlife you just can’t get anywhere else. Plus, it’s family-friendly, and people of all ages can have a blast while staying in South Florida vacation rentals

Florida has the longest barrier reef system in the entire world and a 360-mile coral reef that stretches from the Florida Keys to Florida’s east coast in St. Lucie, known as the Florida Reef Tract. It’s even bigger than the great barrier reef in Australia! All of this makes it an unforgettable experience you need to have when vacationing in South Florida. 

Though fun and adventurous, snorkeling can be hazardous if not done correctly. Make sure everyone participating can swim and is familiar with the water or has an instructor close by before diving into the water. Never go out in the rain! Florida is no stranger to hurricanes and other tropical, inclement weather, so check the forecast before heading out. There will be plenty of warnings if a hurricane is on its way, but even a slight rain shower, coupled with wind, can make snorkeling a bit more dangerous. 

Another thing to consider is checking out the water conditions before you swim. Oceans are vast and beautiful, full of unique marine life but also unique tidal patterns. Make sure wave patterns, currents, and water temperatures are suitable for swimming and snorkeling. 

Once you’ve considered all of this, you are ready to head out! Of course, if you’re snorkeling with an instructor near Miami vacation rentals, they will be able to help you determine the proper conditions to snorkel in, but it never hurts to be knowledgeable. 

When snorkeling in South Florida, you’ll be able to see numerous types of fish, turtles, sharks, crabs, lobsters, and so much more!