Top Breakfast Spots in South Miami

South Miami has expanded a lot over the last decade, with many local businesses setting up shop in the area. This would be the driving reason that led to SoFLA Vacations opening our newest addition “The Sunset Inn” in South Miami. One of the best things about The Sunset Inn, is how it’s within walking distance of so many fantastic restaurants and bars. Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about this. Questions like “What’s good around here?” or “What places would you recommend?”. Fear not, for SoFLA Vacations is here to give you the inside scoop with our very own personal favorite breakfast spots!

Casa Cuba

If you’re looking for a quality hispanic breakfast that embodies the culture of Miami, Casacuba is the go to move. Their croquetas are some of the best in Miami, and I highly recommend their cafe con leche with Cuban toast. They have a beautiful outdoor terrace where you can enjoy your food, and in addition to their breakfast, they have a wonderful lunch menu.

Deli Lane Cafe

Established in 1988, South Miami’s Deli Lane Cafe has stood the test of time for a reason. Along with the wonderful venue, Deli Lane Cafe is a wonderful place to sit outside and have a delicous, fresh breakfast, brunch, or even lunch. They have a diverse menu, which should cater to anyone no matter what you’re craving!

Cecile Bakery + Cafe

Rumored to have the best croissants in South Miami, Cecile Bakery + Cafe is a delicious French bakery that makes for the perfect place to grab a quick bite and coffee in the morning. From the pastries, to smoothies, everything here is delicious. They also have great salads & sandwiches if you’re looking to get an early lunch, or if you’ve got a sweet tooth, try their locally made gelato and sorbets!

The Salty Doughnut

The Salty Doughnut has some of the best sweets you can get in the morning. They have baked goods, perfectly crafted coffee, and most of all… a really freakin’ good donut! Starting out as a pop up in Wynwood, The Salty Doughnut has ascended beyond the local scene and into new territory due to it’s fantastic, ever changing menu. Located right around the corner from The Sunset Inn, this is a place you have to try at least once during your stay.